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We are experienced coaches and mentors within the elective ultrasound industry. If you feel your business would benefit from 1:1 coaching, we would be happy to discuss your individual situation and offer a personalized proposal as to how we can best support you in your goals. Some of the areas we have been able to support established businesses include:

  • Business Potential and Expectations

  • Systems and Day-to-Day Operations

  • Customer Service

  • Expense Analysis

  • Marketing

    • Google Adwords

    • Social Media

  • Work/Life Balance and Outsourcing

  • Employees

  • Expansion, Growth and Remote Management

Please contact us here to connect with us today!


We are also the founders of the first and only Elective Ultrasound Insiders MasterMind Group.

As a member of our Mastermind Group you will:

  • Be a part of a community via our PRIVATE Facebook Group

  • Brainstorm new and innovative ideas with us

  • Stay energized and passionate about your business

  • Be encouraged by others who face similar challenges and struggles

  • Find a safe place to ask questions and get feedback

  • Stay up to date on technology, marketing, and industry trends

  • Encourage and support others with your feedback, stories, and personal input

  • Have an opportunity to personally ask our moderators any urgent or time-sensitive questions during our office hours

In addition, learn from our published monthly content and monthly group conference calls:

  • Increasing profit and customer satisfaction

  • Saving time and money

  • Avoiding costly mistakes

  • Best industry practices

However, this is a “By Invitation Only” opportunity. If you would like to be considered for membership, please fill out the short form in this page and we will be in touch with you.

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When I got a random email for this group, I initially dismissed it as just another person looking to sell me something. I get so many of those a day, so I ignored it even though it was offering exactly what I was looking for. A group of elective ultrasound business owners with whom to exchange ideas and collaborate. I was also worried about the make-up of the group, assuming the only people interested would be those owners who were either new and inexperienced or struggling. Why would successful owners spend the money to join this group, right? But, I decided to try it out since I could get my money back anyway, and it has been money extremely well spent. The group is very dynamic with newbies, veterans, those struggling, those flourishing, those in small markets with one location, and those in large markets with multiple locations. It is active and responsive to questions, topic, and general posts. The ability to exchange ideas from those that have been there, done that has been invaluable. I have spent my money more wisely (since I didn’t throw it away on things that others have tried unsuccessfully), and have been able to slowly but steadily grow my fairly new business. Jeremy and Anna bring a wealth of knowledge and truly make themselves available. Maybe this sounds like an infomercial, but I have nothing but good things to say and would love to see our group grow!

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